Lori Donato

Lori Donato's artistry
is graced with urbane sophistication, sly wit
and an incandescent musicality.

The glamorous songstress, who has entertained audiences worldwide, now presents a well-stamped musical passport with THE ROAD AIN'T NO PLACE FOR A LADY - 12 songs that map a journey from her heart.

As Donato wraps her lustrous vocals around these songs the miles move to the rhythms. Donato's self-penned title track says best: "The road ain't no place for a lady…The road ain't no place to be…But girls I plan to be a lady…No matter what the road does to me." From the smoky strains of Willie Nelson's classic "Night Life," which introduces the suite to the hushed intimacy of "In The Wee Small Hours of the Morning," and finally the empowerment of "I've Never Been to Me," these lyrics provide an endearing text of roads traveled, songs sung, souls touched.

It's been a circuitous journey, but Lori Donato has always been in the driver's seat. Growing up, she had a built-in audience: five brothers and sisters. In high school she gravitated toward the choir and the stage, and majored in music at the University of South Dakota. "But I was always very practical," she recalls, "and I knew there was no living to be made in the arts. So I figured I'd become a high school drama and music teacher." She moved to Los Angeles, earned her teaching credentials from UCLA, and directed shows as a theater teacher. Still, something was missing. When she took a job working on cruise ship -- and singing for fun -- it was evident that she needed to be back in the spotlight.

And so it was that Lori Donato began traveling the world to perform in cabarets, hotels and nightclubs. On an international odyssey from Munich to Zurich; Geneva to Yokohama she developed a crowd-pleasing style built on a repertoire of pop, jazz, swing, originals and standards.

In Southern California, Donato has performed at such plush venues as the St. James Club, Nicky Blair's, and the esteemed Hollywood Cinegrill, where she showcased THE ACCIDENTAL DIVA, an autobiographical collection of songs and stories encapsulating her experiences and paying tribute to the singers who inspired her.

As a recording artist, Donato's first single, "Two Lonely People," hit the mark on the Billboard and Cashbox charts. NEW PLATEAUS, her debut album, delivered more of the patented Donato sound and her follow-up, I LOVE BEIN' HERE WITH YOU, won her new audiences and resounding accolades.

With THE ROAD AIN'T NO PLACE FOR A LADY, Lori Donato demonstrates a world-class voice and stunning interpretative powers. Her artistry is a ticket to a most inviting destination.

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